The Virtual Client Experience that delivers.

Virtual presentations don't have to be disengaging. Give your audience more with SlideTech.

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Real-time engagement data. More engaged clients.

SlideTech gives you so much more to help you optimize the virtual experience for your clients. Dramatically improve your client's experience – and then measure it, both in real-time and after the presentation ends.

Real-time Engagement Data

Get audience feedback instantly from your clients – without tedious surveys or asking a question and hearing crickets. Bueller...?

On-The-Fly Interactions

Let's get a quick show of hands? Nah. Let's instantly get documented interactions directly from clients, mid-presentation.

My Presentation, My Choice

Not sure you want to distribute every slide you showed to your audience? No worries. Choose which slides your clients receive from your presentation.

Digital Notebook

Active learning > passive learning. Your clients want to remember your presentation. SlideTech's in-app note-taking makes knowledge retention easy.

Post-Presentation Analytics

The meeting ends, and you think to yourself, "Great. I think that went well!" Confirm or disprove your hunches with real data.

Smart Polls

Introducing the easiest way for your audience to vote. SlideTech's first-of-its-kind smart polls get you feedback with just one click.

Security You Can Trust

SlideTech automatically encrypts your data both in transit and at rest. Additional custom security solutions are available for Enterprise plans.

Custom Development

SlideTech is your oyster. If you're interested in creating a brand-new feature, we can build it for you. Only available for Enterprise plans.


In 2020, we all just went home. It's time to optimize for the new normal.

  • Invest In Your Clients

  • Measure, Then Improve

  • Stop Distraction Cold

  • The "New Normal"

Using SlideTech shows your clients that you value their learning.

We've all been in those presentations. The ones where the speaker just drones on and on, and you wonder whether you'll get anything out of the meeting. Not only does SlideTech make it harder to do that – it also creates a tangible workbook that your clients can take with them. It means they're more likely to use your methodology, which means they're more likely to become your raving fans. 

You can't improve what you can't measure.

Post-training surveys are fine and have their place. But what's really valuable is objective, quantifiable data that shows exactly when your audience is tuning out. You can't argue with the numbers. And once you've got the numbers, you can fine-tune your training further and further until you've completely optimized your content. SlideTech is the only solution that provides that training optimization with real data while improving your clients' experience. 

You are constantly competing for your clients' time and attention.

Clients are more distracted than ever before. Combine a virtual-only environment with the onslaught of emails, texts, tweets, and messages that your clients are getting during training and you've got a recipe for disengagement. But the mere use of SlideTech has been proven to reduce distraction and disengagement during virtual training.

You've heard the phrase. It's time to get ahead of this.

Massive cost and convenience advantages from virtual and remote work mean that we're never going back. The digital transformation is accelerating, and far more people prefer to work from home at least a few days a week, if not entirely, than those who want to go back into the office every day. SlideTech is one of the quickest wins that you can have to embrace the future of work and further optimize the remote experience.


Need clarification?

How does it work?

Great question. We create a digital workbook instantly from the slides you've already created. Click Get A Demo to get a personalized tour of how it works. 

What's the difference between the two sets of analytics?

Because your slides are now in digital workbook format, you'll get live, real-time feedback on audience attention, questions, and comprehension. These are the real-time engagement analytics. After the presentation ends, you'll see those same metrics over time. These are the post-presentation analytics. They're more in-depth, detailed and show the full story of your audience's engagement. 

Do you do polls?

And then some. Polling during a SlideTech presentation is a  seamless experience both for the presenters and audience. No more messing about with entering code, or visiting another website, and you definitely don't have to download a separate app. Reach out to us to see the SlideTech difference for polling.

Which plan is right for me?

If you're just looking to get started, we recommend trying out SlideTech for free. Our free plan will give you the chance to upload 3 presentations. If you need a practice audience, let us know, and we'll stand in as a no-risk, pretend audience to coach you through using SlideTech. 

The Free plan will give you a flavor of what SlideTech is all about. 

Once you're ready to see why hundreds of audience members prefer SlideTech, you'll likely want to upgrade to Professional. The Professional plan is for Subject Matter Experts who want to stand apart from the crowd and understand that content delivery is crucial to do that. The Professional plan means you'll be able to make on-the-fly adjustments during the virtual presentation, get a user-by-user breakdown of your audience (who paid the most attention?) and get additional support and coaching on how to go from a screen-sharer to a savvy audience connector. 

Your clients expect more.