Groundbreaking Virtual Experiences.

Instantly transform your slide decks into immersive digital experiences and amaze your clients.

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Because your clients now expect more.

Your buyers now know what a high-quality virtual interaction looks like and they are comparing these interactions with yours.

source: Gartner, 2021

High-quality virtual engagement matters long-term. Fewer than 1 out of 5 executives want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic.

source: US Remote Work Survey, PWC

Participants in traditional curriculum-based training forget more than 80% of the information they were taught within 90 days.

source: Harvard Business Review

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Most presenters are doing it wrong.

Sharing your screen is a bad experience. When you share your screen, the presentation becomes about you, not your audience. People tune out. And usually, they don't tune back in. 


How to create a virtual client experience that delivers:

Simply Upload Your Slides.

You're way ahead of us. Do you have a slide deck? Cool. You've already done the hard part. 🙌

Slides Become Workbooks.

SlideTech works its magic and instantly makes your slide deck an interactive workbook. 🤓

Workbooks Wow Clients.

Your clients get to interact with your content, which enriches their experience and generates data. 😱

You Get Crucial Insights.

SlideTech measures the client experience, surfacing insights during & after the presentation. 🤔

Try it out yourself – no credit card required.

Anything that is worth doing well is worth practicing for. Try SlideTech out risk-free, and get 3 presentations on us. We'll be there every step of the way to make sure that your clients have an outstanding virtual experience with you.


Virtual doesn't need to mean disengaging.

Join the hundreds of presenters who have put a stop to bad presentations.

"In a world where face-to-face presentations have been rapidly replaced with virtual meetings, we lose insight into audience reactions to content, even if they’re looking at the presentation. SlideTech enables this insight again."

“I was surprised how easy it was for my audience to use SlideTech. Instead of getting asked for my slides, SlideTech automatically emailed them a copy with their notes and annotations, which improved their attention during the presentation as well. ”


Uplevel your virtual coaching, presentation, and facilitation.


Get our free ebook on the top 5 presentation lessons from the pandemic.

Learn what's working and what didn't work during the year we all went virtual.

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Let's get you set up for success.


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Get started with no risk and no commitment.

No credit card required.

  • Up to 200 audience members
  • Automatically distribute all slides
  • Embedded audience interactions
  • Real-time engagement analytics
  • Post-presentation analytics



Get in touch for a custom quote tailored for your unique situation.

  • Unlimited audience members
  • Everything in Professional Plan
  • Custom branding
  • Co-branded event promotion
  • Customized security solutions
  • Custom integrations
  • New feature development customized upon request

Any questions?

Why should I invest in my client's virtual experience?

In short, the expectations of your clients are changing. In early/mid-2020, if you weren't delivering an optimal virtual experience, it was ok. We were in a pandemic. Clients understood. But now, the new normal is setting in and clients are less forgiving. An investment in SlideTech is an investment in optimizing the virtual experience, which is crucial to get right from now on.

Does SlideTech work on mobile?

Right now, we're optimized only for laptops and desktops, but a mobile version is coming.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can. Contact a SlideTech representative to upgrade or downgrade.

What is so great about the Professional plan?

The Professional Plan gives you the ability to dynamically add interaction points while the presentation is going, instead of only having the option to activate interactions that you've set up before. It's a great way to add fluidity to your discussions. Additionally, you can see a user-by-user breakdown in the analytics, so you'll know what matters most to which clients. 

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